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Youtube сегодня нужен практически всем кто желает начать свой независимый заработок в сети, уж поверьте, именно так и обстоят дела сегодня.

YouTube Videos suddenly stops and starts after a few seconds

⇒ Hi guys, my blog is mainly in Russian, so sorry for my English mistakes -they are so funny dashcrazy

I will tell you 100% solution to a problem of — video stopping

A problem: Youtube is stopping at the middle of the video — the loading icon appears and the video is being paused after a few second or minutes. This stupid problem happens very very often  when we try to watch YT

We are going to tell you the best way to fix the issue !!! — don’t worry good 🙂 

ATTENTION:  I noticed that YouTube is stopping more often when it is running in the background while you are busy with other stuff in the internet, in another tab. 

So please make sure to visit the tab sometimes and not leaving YouTube in the background for too long without clicks and actions

Before resolving the problem make sure:

  1. You are not downloading huge files from internet and playing online games.Because it decreases the speed of video loading
  2. Your firewall is off — it is an often cause fo video getting frozen
  3. You have the latest flash player

If these points are — Okey, then use our solutions that are stated below  🙂 

YT freezes by itself — Pauses automatically on its own after a while

Solution number 0 — Prepare yourself a cup of tea with 1 spoon of sugar, it will calm you down and make you more Un annoyed)))

First solution — manipulation with buffering (very standard and solution smile

So basically Buffering appears —  when your internet connection is not super fast and it needs a few second to load the video.

You should: Pause the video and wait until video will load till the end. Check the grey bar — it indicates that video is getting loaded

Second solution — Check that your internet connection is not less than 600 kbps.I

f it is not very fast — you can decrease quality of video

Change the 1080p quality  to  720p or less  by tapping the gear icon in the player

Also Turn off and then on your Phone or PC and router

Actually «restarting « helps very much to normalize internet .Just turn off the device for 1 min

Usually completing these steps is 99% enough to solve the issue good 🙂 

Third solution — clear you cache because it definitely can prevent your video from loading.Just go to setting of browser and delete cookies and cache

Solution number 4 — Test another browser. You should try YouTube on another browser to determine whether there is a problem with it. If YT work on another browser then:

  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Update plugins and extensions that you have downloaded

Solution number 5 — Youtube server is not working great sometimes, so you have to wait for 20-30 minutes until they eliminate the issue.It happens some time….

That actually are all effective steps that may trigger the problem. And again I apologize for my English — I know it was the worst dash bad wacko

And now I can recommend you to watch this interesting video ⇓

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